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ICO-IO Combinations Summit 2019

Advancing ICI-containing IO-combination therapies is central to getting the full therapeutic benefit out of ICIs. Selecting the right combination partners and strategies are essential to the making the correct decision.

This industry-led meeting will focus on how the response rate to checkpoint combinations can be enhanced to impact every stage of the cancer immunity cycle, as well as shed light on the specific challenges that come with combining IO therapies with ICIs.

Through interactive workshops, panel discussions and round tables, this is a great opportunity to gain practical implementable insight into IO combo development strategy.

*Early bird bookings and group discounts are available upon request. Visit our website for the full pricing list.

Website: https://go.evvnt.com/319454-0?pid=4870
Brochure: https://go.evvnt.com/319454-3?pid=4870

Conference Only (early bird): USD 2599.0
Conference Only (standard): USD 2899.0

Speakers: Sarah McWhirter Aduro Biotech, Jeremy Graff Biothera, Jochem Gokelmeijer Bristol-Myers Squibb, Mark Paris Director Mitra Biotech, Mithun Khattar Takeda, Osama Rahma Dana-Faber Cancer Center, Patrick Holder Genentech, Paul Moore Macrogenics, Raphael Clynes Xencor, Shanthi Ganesh Pharmaceuticals, Stephen Doberstein Nektar Therapeutics, Viviana Cremasco Novartis, Weiyi Peng MD Anderson Cancer Center, Wim Van Schooten Teneobio, John Burke Applied Biomath, Paul Rennert Aleta Biotherapeutics, Mark Yore Jounce Therapeutics, Amy-Jo Casbon Amgen Inc., Bei Wang Regeneron, Beth Trehu Jounce Therapeutics, Bruno Osterwalder BO Consulting, Catherine Sabatos-Peyton Novartis, Cedric Dos Santos Amgen Inc., Eva Vanamee FusionBio, Hans Van Eenemann Aduro Biotech

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Event Date: 19 March 2019 - 21 March 2019 Contact Person: Customer Services
Venue: The Colonnade Boston Hotel, 120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, 02116 Email:
Country: United States Tel: +1 617 455 4188

Registration Website: http://go.evvnt.com/319454-2?pid=4870

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