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Breathwork with Dan Brulé in Peterborough United Kingdom, September 2018

We are honoured to be hosting this event, led by the world renowned pioneer in the field, Dan Brulé, leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing movement and Tony Robbins's personal breathwork coach.

If you are a graduate of our (or anyone else's) Firewalking Instructor Training courses, you know the power of the breathwork exercise! But how do you learn about the science and methodologies behind the exercise that brings about such a profound change in people?
You go to the source!


At The Firewalking Academy, we are privileged to present the Foundation Certificate in Breathwork, led by the world pioneer in the field, Dan Brulé, leader of the worldwide Spiritual Breathing movement and Tony Robbins's personal breathwork coach.

As a world-renowned pioneer, Dan Brulé trains the people around the world to use the power of breathing to relax and energize their body, focus and expand their mind, calm and balance their emotions, and nourish and uplift their soul.

A Special Breathwork Foundation Course for Coaches, Teachers, Healing Practitioners, and Firewalking Instructors.

Breathwork is the next major key skill set that high performing individuals and teams require to manage their energy, support their health, deepen their relationships, andto excel in life.

Breathwork skills can be integrated into:
- Business and entrepreneurship: as a way to optimize energy, productivity, and mindful communication.
- Health and healing: to deepen the efficacy of any modality and to help clients take part in their healing process.
- Sports, fitness, and personal training: to enhancethe power of body and mind and to access the flow state.
- Spiritual practice: Breathwork is at the heart of many spiritual practices and traditions.

This course is for you if you want to:
- Develop a practical skillset in breathwork that can be applied in every area of your life.
- Create a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, further your career as a Breathwork Practitioner.
- Integrate breathwork into your current skillset whether you are a health professional, psychologist, coach, trainer, yoga teacher, HR consultant, healer or teacher.

Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm.

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Facebook: https://go.evvnt.com/236211-2?pid=4870

1 Day Breathwork: GBP 197.0,
2 Days Breathwork: GBP 347.0,
3 Days Breathwork: GBP 497.0,
6 Days Breathwork: GBP 997.0,
1 Day Breathwork Early Bird: GBP 157.0,
2 Days Breathwork Early Bird: GBP 297.0,
3 Days Breathwork Early Bird: GBP 397.0,
6 Days Breathwork Early Bird: GBP 697.0,
Empowerment Breathwork Evening w/ Steve Consalvez: GBP 97.0.

Event Date: 3 September 2018 - 8 September 2018 Contact Person: Barry Collins
Venue: The Retreat, Knarr Farm, Wisbech Road, Peterborough PE6 0TS Email:
Country: United Kingdom Tel: +441733 849999

Registration Website: http://go.evvnt.com/236211-0?pid=4870

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