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Recruitment & Selection Techniques: Hiring the Right People

Why is this important?
The purpose of recruitment interviews is to find the best match candidate. However, general questions illicit general answers. Close-ended questions illicit model answers. Just how can an interviewer apply tried and tested questioning techniques to obtain relevant evidence from the candidate within one hour of an interview?

In addition, participants will also be familiarised with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices in order to understand what constitute discriminating practices of recruitment.

Recruitment interviewers should sign up for this course to maximise the chance of finding the best match for the job. Finding the best match means adding an asset to the team, instead of a liability.

How will you benefit?
After the workshop, you will be able to:
- apply the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment practices
- determine the competencies of a job
- distinguish the difference between competency, behavioural and scenario-based questions
- design the right questions to ask
- deploy further probe questions to get specific answers from the candidate
- assess candidate’s suitability objectively

What will you learn?
Preparing a Focus
- What do you need for the job?
- What to look for in a job candidate?

Interview Techniques
- Competency-based techniques
- Behavioural-based techniques
- Scenario-based techniques
- When to deploy each type of techniques

Digging for Gold
- Using STAR to probe

The Interviewing Process
- Stages in the interview
- The best time to ask "why do you want to leave the company?"

Post Interview Action
- Reference checking
- Candidate evaluation method

Who should attend?
All managers, executives, supervisors, team and project leaders who need to spend a lot of time conducting interviews to get the right person and to get things done.

Event Date: 19 May 2017 Contact Person: Ms Florence Quak
Venue: Singapore Management University, 90 Stamford Road, Singapore 178903 Email:
Country: Singapore Tel: 62204008

Registration Website: http://eontraining.com.sg/courses/public-courses/team-and-people-development/recruitment-selection-techniques-hiring-the-right-people/

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